Our Place: Western Sydney Project Community Forum

Event Name
Our Place: Western Sydney Project Community Forum
16 March 2013
09:00 am - 03:00 pm
Penrith (Kingswood) Campus

Address (Room): Building P, Level 1 Rooms 58 and 60


What is your local place? How can we help you to look after your local place?

UWS is hosting a community forum for residents of the Hills, Blacktown and Penrith areas on Saturday 16th March on the Penrith Kingswood campus. The aim is to gauge what matters to residents and what is needed to assist individuals to care for their local places. The project also offers participants with the opportunity to apply for seed funding to start up sustainability projects.

Please contact Alicia Kasbarian to RSVP or for further information on a.kasbarian@uws.edu.au

Name: Alicia Kasbarian


Phone: 4570 1633

School / Department: Centre for Educational Research