Upcoming events at Western Sydney University are listed below.

  • Aug 28
    Photography Exhibition “Meticulous Detail, Gongbi 工笔"

    This exhibition compares and identifies traces of traditional Chinese aesthetic within photographic imagery.

  • Oct 20
    Papercutting Workshop with Artist Tianli Zu

    Join award-winning multimedia artist Tianli Zu, and learn the art of Chinese papercutting.

  • Oct 20
    Literary Reading - Argentinian Writer

    Pedro Mairal literary reading, and in conversation with Associate Professor Chris Andrews.

  • Oct 23
    Research Week 2017

    Research Week celebrates research at Western Sydney University - Individual events will be entered separately, see web below for further information.

  • Oct 23
    What's up with those cages near the Hawkesbury Campus?

    All about the EucFACE Experiment in Research Week...

  • Oct 23
    Flowering Plants, Us And The Environment

    Could you imagine a world without flowers?

  • Oct 24
    Photographic Exhibition and Book Launch - Children in the Anthropocene

    You are invited to attend a short research presentation, book launch (by Dr Carol Birrell) and photographic exhibition opening.

  • Oct 24
    2017 Research Impact Competition

    The DVC REDI invites you to attend the 2017 Research Impact Competition.

  • Oct 24
    Opening of Photographic Exhibition - Futuro Infantil Hoy (Transforming Children's Futures)

    You are invited to the opening of Futuro Infantil Hoy (Transforming Children's Futures)-Researcher A/Prof Chris Woodrow; Photographs Paz Errazuriz

  • Oct 26
    Short Introduction to Stata and Basic Analysis

    Short Introduction to Stata and Basic Analysis

  • Oct 26
    Thinking in Common: Resilience

    As part of Western Sydney University's Research Week, ICS will host a thinking-in-common session exploring the concept of resilience.

  • Oct 26
    Gender in the Workplace: SAGE at Research Week

    Join us for a provocative, interdisciplinary discussion as key thinkers tackle critical issues around gender inequality in the workplace.

  • Oct 27
    Indigenous Ontologies seminar

    A Symbol for Our Times: a Story of Our Future

  • Oct 27
    The Chillenden Murders

    You are invited to a special screening of “The Chillenden Murders”, Introduced by Professor Richard Hobbs from Oxford University, with a short question and answer session to follow.

  • Oct 27
    School of Law Public Seminar

    Public Seminar Series

  • Nov 1
    Seminar "Creative Innovation and Networked Culture: Future-forming and Global China"

    This seminar considers a new model for understanding relationships between culture and enterprise through the lens of China.

  • Nov 11
  • Nov 14
    Free Writing Academic Paragraphs Workshop

    Free one day workshop on Writing Academic Paragraphs

  • Nov 15
    ThemeStorm 2017: Education & Aspirational Change

    Interested in finding external funding and building research partnerships?

  • Nov 16
    NICM Symposium - Clinical Trials in Integrative Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

    Explores the challenges and opportunities of clinical trials focusing on herbal medicine, acupuncture, and mind and body therapies.

  • Nov 20
    2nd National Advancing Community Cohesion Conference

    A national forum to consider challenges confronting social cohesion and ways to more effectively address them.

  • Nov 21
    Free 2 dayAcademic Literacy Workshop

    Attend a free workshop to help brush up on your academic writing skills.

  • Nov 21
    Free 4 day Academic Literacy Workshop

    Attend a free workshop to help improve your academic writing skills.

  • Nov 22
    SPHERE 2017 Symposium

    Register for the SPHERE 2017 International Symposium 22-23 November 2017

  • Nov 23
    Free Grammar Workshop

    Free 2 day Grammar Workshop at Parramatta CBD campus.

  • Nov 23
    The Perils of Informality in the Public Sector with Prof. Paul du Gay

    “If everyone thinks outside the box, what happens to the box?”

  • Nov 25
    Public Astronomy Night at Penrith Observatory, November 25

    From Conventional Rockets to the Warp Drive

  • Nov 28
    2017 Learning Showcase - Partnerships as Pedagogy

    This whole-of-university event will showcase teaching innovation and curriculum designs here at Western Sydney University.

  • Dec 4
    DH Downunder: Digital Humanities Research Methods summer institute

    DH Downunder is a week of training courses in digital research methods offered to students, staff and the general public by NSW/ACT universities

  • Dec 6
    2017 University Awards

    Presentation of the 2017 University Awards