Upcoming events at Western Sydney University are listed below.

  • Aug 30
    ACIAC Exhibition: Three Perfections

    A Mid-Autumn Chinese Australian Artists’ Exhibition

  • Oct 27
    Mind the Gap - Tending the Interface of art and therapy

    An exhibition featuring artworks by Andrew Bromley, Catherine Camden-Pratt, Johanna Davies, Kate Deacock, Mandy Evans, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Joanna Jaaniste, Anita Lever, Joy Paton, Suzanne Perry, Martin Roberts, Sheridan Linnell and Sarah Versitano

  • Nov 15
    South West Sydney: Education’s Field of Dreams

    Ideas 2170: a series of public discussions that will take place at the Liverpool City Campus.

  • Nov 15

    An art exhibition by students from Hoxton Park High School

  • Nov 17
    Public Astronomy Night November 17

    A Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe

  • Nov 19
  • Nov 20
    Academic Literacy Workshop

    Free four day workshop on essay writing and referencing skills

  • Nov 20
  • Nov 20
    SaGR Seminar - Professor Jane Bailey on Police Responses to Tech-Facilitated Abuse

    Improving Police Responses to Tech Facilitated Violence Against Women & Girls: Why Standard Form Contract Terms Shouldn't Trump Public Policy

  • Nov 20
    ACIAC Seminar: Cultural Diplomacy and Australia-China Relations

    ACIAC is hosting a three-part seminar on cultural diplomacy and Australia-China relations.

  • Nov 20
    Writing Academic Paragraphs

    Free 1 day Writing Academic Paragraphs Workshop

  • Nov 23
    ACIAC Seminar - The Role of Australian News Media in The Coverage of International Affairs: A Case Study of “China’s Influence”

    Exploring the role of Australian media in international affairs reporting through a case study on Australian media's coverage of "China's Influence"

  • Nov 24
    The Australia China Alumni Awards

    Now in its tenth year, the Australia China Alumni Awards celebrate excellence in Australian university education and recognise the significant achievements of Australian-educated university alumni in China.

  • Nov 26
    International Conference on Human Rights Education

    The 9th International Conference on Human Rights Education (9th ICHRE).

  • Nov 26
    Re: Grad Show

    Annual Bachelor of Design (VisCom) Graduate Exhibition

  • Nov 29
    Grammar Workshop

    Free two day Grammar Workshop available November 2018

  • Nov 30
  • Dec 1
    Christmas Piano Recital at the Whitlam Institute, featuring Kevin Hunt

    Join us for a special Saturday piano recital with a program that will span Bach, Cole Porter and Christmas carols.

  • Dec 1
    Taiwan alumni event hosted by the Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Western Sydney University invites you to join Vice-Chancellor Professor Barney Glover and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Development) Professor Yi-Chen Lan in Taipei for an alumni dinner.

  • Dec 3
    DH Downunder

    DH Downunder is a one-week summer institute open to staff, students and anyone else who would like to learn digital research methods.

  • Dec 5
    First Responder training

    Learn evidence-based methods of responding to disclosures of sexual offences

  • Jan 16
    Researching Post-Capitalist Possibilities PhD Summer School

    A 6-day Summer School course for PhD candidates and early career researchers.

  • Jul 17
    7th International and Interdisciplinary Emotional Geographies Conference, 17-19 July 2019

    Hosted by School of Social Sciences & Psychology (SSAP), Western Sydney University