At a time when the relationship between Australia and China has never been closer nor more important, the Institute will enable the development of deeper ties forged through an open, intellectual and dynamic engagement with centuries old and emerging Chinese arts and culture.

 – Vice-Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Professor Barney Glover

Our Mission

To provide an Institute of Excellence for Chinese arts and culture by delivering:

  • world class research and scholarship
  • a distinctive masters program
  • international collaborations and exchange opportunities
  • community engagement and public education initiatives.


A row of framed pictures on a wall. The first is slightly in focus. Place and Culture

Understanding people to people links between China and Australia and the complexities of cross-cultural exchanges, languages and social interactions is basic to the building of trust and friendship.

Communication and Culture

Language is the vehicle of culture and the basis for communication and understanding. Research and activities that improve Chinese language capacities for Australians and that enhance understanding of Chinese culture through translation and interpretation will be central to the Institute's work. 

Arts and Culture

Music, film and the visual arts have a significant place in the Institute's program since they can promote collaboration between societies, enhance community engagement, document history and even bring about social change.

Community and Culture

Recreational and leisure activities, such as sports, martial arts, and health-building exercises are increasingly shared between Australian and Chinese people. Likewise, Chinese cuisine has been part of Australian culture since colonial times. Popular and community cultural activities will also be a focus of the Institute.