As Australia engages more closely with China and other Asian countries, our universities and cultural institutions need many more specialists in all areas of Chinese culture as they deepen their relationships with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other centres of Chinese culture.

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ACIAC is offering scholarships to graduate students who wish to undertake studies in Chinese arts and culture and in Australia-China cultural diplomacy with a view to developing their careers in government, academia and the private sector. Students will be able to select to study either in the Masters degree program through course work and research, or to engage in doctoral studies under one of the many distinguished scholars in Western Sydney University.

Research specialisation will be possible in a number of areas including literature and translation, theatre and drama, film and computer games, music, visual arts including digital arts, community and ethnic culture, and sport.

Besides engaging in ground-breaking research into particular aspects of Chinese arts and culture, scholarship recipients will contribute to the work of ACIAC through its public lecture series, and will help with relevant Institute projects such as conferences and exhibitions.

Through cultural exchanges developed by ACIAC the Australian public will gain greater understanding of Chinese culture and the two cultural traditions will find inspiration and new sources of creativity.