Master of Cross-Cultural Relations 跨文化关系硕士课程

MCCR banner updateThe School of Humanities and Communication Arts, in collaboration with the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture and other Schools in Western Sydney University, is offering a stimulating and rigorous degree to meet the needs of cultural institutions, creative industries and government departments in their increasing engagement in international cultural exchanges.

The Master of Cross-Cultural Relations (MCCR) helps you forge a career in the thriving fields of cultural exchange and international cultural management. The degree program requires 18 months’ full-time study. It will help you develop an advanced understanding of cross-cultural communication and competence, international business management, cultural diplomacy, and the cultural policy and practice in Australia, China and other countries. A major research project in cultural exchange will be carried out in the second year, to apply the knowledge and skills from previous units to a real life setting of an artistic, cultural, and industrial field. Students may have the opportunity to take up internships at arts and culture organisations while completing the project.

The course is aimed at both domestic and international students. It suits Australians considering work in cultural exchanges as managers, marketers, administrators and entrepreneurs who would like to develop skills relevant to cultural bodies, creative industries and government departments that have or would like to develop cross-cultural exchange programs with China and other Asian countries.

The course also caters for international students who would like to develop cross-cultural careers in a variety of relevant areas including international cultural management, cultural and creative industries, global marketing management, governmental and diplomatic institutions, cultural tourism, and digital media and entertainment.

For those who would like to pursue PhD studies, the course provides an efficient pathway. As it has 50% (60 credit points) research components, students can apply for direct entry to PhD after they complete. The Research Project unit well prepares students for future PhD study practically, in which you select an interested topic of research and develop and complete the project being supervised by experienced academics. You may have the opportunity to work with future PhD supervisor(s) as well.




跨文化关系硕士课程特别为毕业生提供了直通博士学习的途径。该课程的研究比重超过50% (60个学分),所以学生毕业后有资格直接申请博士。学生还可以通过本课程的研究项目单元为之后的博士学习作充分准备,比如,学生可以选择自己感兴趣的研究题目,并有机会得到未来的博士导师的指导。

Course Structure

The course structure is outlined in the Handbook (opens in a new window). Here you can view all of the units (subjects) you will be studying.

Fees, Delivery and How to Apply

For information including tuition fees, course delivery mode and how to apply, please visit: Master of Cross-Cultural Relations (opens in a new window).

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