Masters Program

The establishment of a Masters level program at Western Sydney University specialising in Chinese arts and culture will ensure the future development of knowledge and expertise.

The 18 month program will commence in 2018, with the option of converting to a Research Masters degree after one year. Teaching in the program will draw on the expertise of staff of the Institute, other schools and institutes within Western Sydney University, as well as visiting scholars from partner universities.

black and white photo of 5 students standing by a wallBesides engaging in ground-breaking research into particular aspects of Chinese arts and culture, Masters degree students will contribute to the work of ACIAC through its public lecture series, and will help with relevant Institute projects such as conferences and exhibitions. The degree will include course work and practical experience with companies and institutions engaged in exchanges with China and other centres of Chinese culture. Students will have the opportunity to complete some units at partner universities in China and travelling scholarships will be available for this purpose.

Adopting a thoroughly comparative perspective, the degree will address Chinese and Australian cultural policies and practices, arts management and governance, and cultural diplomacy. Research topics may be selected from the following:

  • literature and translation
  • theatre and drama
  • film and computer games
  • music including classical, contemporary and pop
  • visual arts including digital arts
  • community and ethnic culture
  • sport

Some scholarships will be available to Australian students enrolling in the program.