Dr Xiang Ren Goes for His First Book Sprint Experience

Photo by BookSprints

In April, 2018, ACIAC’s research fellow Dr Xiang Ren was invited to participate in a Book Sprint in Perth about universities as open knowledge institutions, along with twelve other scholars from Australia, Germany, US, UK and South Africa. Organised by Curtin University, this collaborative workshop offered an experience of bringing together a chosen group of experts and creating a high-quality publication extremely efficiently in a matter of a few days in response to a fast-paced topic.

This Open Knowledge Institutions Book Sprint was an academic adventure not only for the challenging task of ‘from zero to a book within 5 days’. But also, the brave group of people came together to explore and advocate an open future of universities in the fast changing and uncertain world, and from a global perspective when universities play a leading role in ‘shaping open knowledge, and having a richer and more impactful relationship with society at large’.

At the beautiful Moondyne Convention Centre in Western Australia, 80 miles away from Perth, the team collaboratively completed the book manuscript of over 200 pages within five and half days. The book titled ‘Open Knowledge Institutions: Reinventing Universities” is currently under editing and will be published shortly. The authors hope that the book will be a manifesto:

“We advocate for universities to work with the broader community to generate shared knowledge resources that work for the broader benefit of all of humanity. We advocate that universities adopt transparent protocols for the creation, use and governance of these shared resources.”