Artists at Work in ACIAC

The Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture(ACIAC) of Western Sydney University is attracting a lot of Chinese artists from all around the world. On April 17, 2018, Chinese Australian calligrapher David Liu(刘尧) and Chinese artist Mr. Lu Zhide(陆志德) visited ACIAC. Mr. Liu had written a work of calligraphy for the Institute’s seminar room when the Institute was founded. Today he came back to show his most recent work, and he promised to update his earlier contribution by rewriting himself. Mr. Lu Zhide is a painter, and he started his artistic career in Shanghai. After studying in Japan in the 1980s, he moved to Austria and lived in Europe for over a dozen years. He is currently in Shanghai. Mr. Lu Zhide is at his best painting landscapes and lotus, and he has had exhibitions in many countries including China, Germany, Japan and the USA and a number of his works have been acquired by internationally famous collectors. At ACIAC today, Mr. Lu Zhide showcased his art by painting right on the spot in our gallery space. His beautiful paintings of lotus in Chinese water colours attracted the attention of many.

ACIAC’s Advisory Board member, Dr Helen Sham-Ho, was also in attendance.