ACIAC’s Master of Chinese Cultural Relations Students Present a Postgraduate Panel in Its 2019 Emerging Scholars’ Forum

ACIAC’s Master of Chinese Cultural Relations (MCCR) program started in 2018. The program aims at providing professional training to students who have an interest in promoting Australia-China arts and culture exchange and collaboration. On 23 June, the program’s first cohort of five students offered a special “Postgraduate Panel” in the Institute’s 2019 Emerging Scholars’ Forum. At this highly acclaimed Forum, these five students showcased their research projects that address diverse issues in the cultural exchanges between Australia and China. Students confidently introduced their research projects, received some insightful and constructive feedback from emerging scholars, and actively engaged with the discussion on the theoretical, practical, and ethical issues of studying cultural exchange and intercultural communications.

This Panel was also held to celebrate a milestone for the first cohort of MCCR students. After 12 months’ coursework studies and research training, these students have successfully completed their confirmation of research candidature and their proposed research plans have been approved by an academic panel. The students now embark upon their new adventures with confidence in their learning journey and they will continue to work with their supervisors and complete their research theses. We congratulate our students and thank their supervisors for their efforts!

Tian Zhang

Supervised by Dr Di Dickenson

Home and Belonging: A Comparison of Works of Wenxuan Cao and Sonya Hartnett

Wenqian Xia

Supervised by Professor Kerry Robinson and Dr Peter Bensel

Representation of sexual and gender minorities in Australian Chinese media over the last 20 years

Chuanqian Zhao

supervised by Associate Professor Jorge Dorfman Knijnik

Sports diplomacy and Australia-China Cultural Exchanges - case study of Li Na as sports diplomat of Australian Open

Rui Dou

supervised by Associate Professor Bruce Crossman

Creating emotional resonances: Guidelines for programming Chinese-orientated and Chinese-Australian hybridities within concerts in Sydney

Yan Xiong

Supervised by Dr David Cubby

The Role of Chinese Art Exhibitions in Cultural Diplomacy