On 11 December, 2018, ACIAC Director Professor Labao Wang joined some staff from Willoughby City Council to speak about Chinese culture in one of their training sessions.
willoughby city council
Video recording of ACIAC seminar “Cultural Diplomacy and Australia-China Relations”. Three distinguished speakers including Professor Ien Ang, Professor Jocelyn Chey and Professor Nicholas Jose, were invited to share their views on the topic.
China diplomacy home
On 27 November, 2018, ACIAC Director Professor Labao Wang delivered a seminar talk titled “Deconstructing the Myth of Chinese Face” at the Australia China Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (ACSME) Association.
roundtable 1
On 23 November, 2018, ACIAC’s Visiting Professor Guifang Zhang delivered a seminar talk in which she gave some of her observations about Australian media, and her topic was "The Role of News Media in the Coverage of International Affairs: A Case Study of Australian Coverage of 'China's Influence'".
guifang event 1
On 20 November, 2018, ACIAC hosted a Public Seminar on “Cultural Diplomacy & Australia-China Relations” and three distinguished speakers, including Professor Ien Ang, Professor Jocelyn Chey and Professor Nicholas Jose, shared their views on the topic.
china diplomacy webh
On 14 November, 2018, ACIAC key researcher Dr Jing Han hosted a seminar and spoke about the translation work which had been carried out in collaboration with Western Sydney University on the award-winning drama series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.
handmaids event 1
ACIAC hosted a welcome reception to a group of six painters and printmakers from Yunnan Province of China. Eighteen “heavy colour” artworks from the six artists are currently on exhibition at ACIAC gallery.
yunnan reception
On 11 October, 2018, the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture launched the catalogue 'The Geoff Raby Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art' curated by Dr Damian Smith about Dr Geoff Raby’s thirty-year collection of contemporary Chinese art.
Geoff launch 2
ACIAC research fellow, Dr Kiu-wai Chu was invited to an international workshop on “Residual Futures: Rethinking Utopianism in Modern China” in Castasegna, Switzerland in October, 2018.
utopia meeting 1
Ms Yuan Liu, current Coordinator of VisAsia, came to ACIAC to speak to Master of Chinese Cultural Relations students about her experience of working in a cultural organization in Sydney.
Liu Yuan Talk 1

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