ACIAC Director Professor Jocelyn Chey gave a speech to mark the launch of “Creative Island: Sichuan Visual and Creative Art” at the China Cultural Centre, Sydney.
sichuan exhibition launch
During Professor Yu Dan's visit at ACIAC, she visited Uluru and Alice Springs for talks with Aboriginal elders.
YU Dan Uluru 1
ACIAC convened a Round Table discussion to consider whether Chinese philosophers of ancient time had things to say that were relevant to life in the 21st century.
Round Table text
Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture announces the award of its first doctoral degree scholarship to Christopher Cheng.
Chris Scholarship
Dr Michael Williams told the story of how the dictation test was developed and used by various Australian states.
DT Talk page
The Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture opened its doors to observe the traditional Duanwu Festival.
duanwu speakers
Vice Chancellor Barney Glover and four panel speakers discussed the present state and future prospects for cultural exchanges with China.
public forum day homepage
ACIAC and the Writing and Research Centre of Western Sydney University co-hosted a lively meeting of writers, translators and publishers in Guangzhou.
CALF 2017
ACIAC's Director engaged with Chinese communities about music therapy for health and wellbeing.
Music therapy
ACIAC postdoctoral fellow Dr Xiang Ren presented a seminar examining the open knowledge developments in the context of 'digital China'.
Dr Ren' seminar

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