On 20 July, 2018, ACIAC hosted a welcome reception for its first cohort of Master of Chinese Cultural Relations students.
MA student web
In June 2018, ACIAC’s research fellow Dr Kiu-wai Chu attended two conferences on Anthropocene Studies.
kiu-wai report 1
Dr Kiu-wai Chu recently presented papers at international conferences and stressed the fact that animals and imagined nonhuman species are often turned into metaphors that reflected the real life issues of humans.
kiu-wai animal 1
On 7 July 2018, prior to the opening of SHARP (The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing)’s 26th Conference, ACIAC hosted an international symposium titled ‘Chinese digital publishing and reading: Evolving models and emergent cultural practices’.
SHARP Conference
On 5 July, 2018, Dr Chen Bing of Peking University gave a talk at ACIAC about G.E. Morrison who was appointed by The Times in 1897 as its first permanent foreign correspondent in Beijing and became political advisor to the Chinese republican government in 1912.
Chen Bing talk 3
On 4 July, 2018, ACIAC’s Adjunct Professor Carrillo Gantner visited the Institute and viewed the exhibition of Mr. Shen Jiawei’s Archibald Paintings. Professor Gantner also sat with the artist as well as a group of visitors to the exhibition for a brief conversation.
Carrillo's visit 1
On 23 June, 2018, ACIAC hosted a grand opening to officially launch its new exhibition "Jiawei Shen’s Archibald Paintings". The opening attracted a record number of some 200 participants.
jiawei opening 2
ACIAC Professor Jocelyn Chey gave a keynote address to the 16th Annual Conference of Australian Studies in China in Beijing on 22 June, 2018.
Jocelyn conference 2
To mark this year’s Duanwu Festival, ACIAC invited two literary writers, Mark Tredinnick and Isabelle Li, for a conversation about poetry writing and poetry translation on 14 June, 2018.
Duanwu Web 1
The filmmakers of the documentary film CHINA LOVE (2018) were invited to ACIAC for a conversation on its production and the interesting subject it explores – the pre-wedding photography as a booming industry and culture in China today.
olivia web update 1

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