ACIAC Professor Jocelyn Chey gave a keynote address to the 16th Annual Conference of Australian Studies in China in Beijing on 22 June, 2018.
Jocelyn conference 2
To mark this year’s Duanwu Festival, ACIAC invited two literary writers, Mark Tredinnick and Isabelle Li, for a conversation about poetry writing and poetry translation on 14 June, 2018.
Duanwu Web 1
The filmmakers of the documentary film CHINA LOVE (2018) were invited to ACIAC for a conversation on its production and the interesting subject it explores – the pre-wedding photography as a booming industry and culture in China today.
olivia web update 1
Two top contemporary female artists from China, Xiao Lu (肖鲁) and Feng Ling(枫翎), visited ACIAC on 23 May, 2018, one day before their Sworn Sisters exhibition opened at Vermilion Gallery in Sydney.
sworn sisters 3
On 20 May 2018, ACIAC Professor Jocelyn Chey gave a speech at the 200th Anniversary of the Chinese Migration to Australia.
200 anniversary 1
ACIAC Research Fellow Dr Xiang Ren participated in a Book Sprint in Perth about universities as open knowledge institutions, along with twelve other scholars from Australia, Germany, US, UK and South Africa.
xiang workshop
On 10 May, 2018, ACIAC kicked off a Chinese Culture Seminar series with one of its first speakers, Dr Yan Xu.
xu yan talk 2
On 18 April, 2018, ACIAC hosted the opening event for Chinese-Indonesian Australian artist Jayanto Damanik Tan's ceramic exhibition, “Offerings”.
ceramic opening 1
Chinese Australian calligrapher David Liu刘尧 and Chinese artist Mr. Lu Zhide陆志德 visited ACIAC on 17 April, 2018.
Lu painter1
The celebrated translator of Australian literature, Professor LI Yao, was in ACIAC of Western Sydney University on April 12, 2018, for the launch of his ten-volume selection of Australian literature translations.
book giving

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