Photo gallery of ACIAC Lunar New Year Celebration 2020.
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The recurring themes of Guan Wei's art practice are aptly captured in his exhibition "Essence, Energy, Spirit" at ACIAC. Guan Wei shared his creative experiences during the soft quiz with Professor Jing Han, Director of ACIAC.
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Dr Jing Han has been appointed the new Director of the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture.
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On 15-17 July, 2019, ACIAC Director Professor Labao Wang was with the Western Sydney University delegation in Darwin to attend this year’s IRU Senior Leaders Forum.
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On 23 June, ACIAC Master of Chinese Cultural Relations' first cohort of five students offered a special “Postgraduate Panel” in the Institute’s 2019 Emerging Scholars’ Forum.
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On 22-23 June, 2019, the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture hosted its first International Emerging Scholars’ Forum at Western Sydney University. The forum was hosted to mark the 100th anniversary of the Chinese New Culture Movement. More importantly, it was also held to support and encourage Australia-China arts and culture research and build connections with scholars working in the field both domestically and internationally.
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On 7 May 2019, Perth-based photographer Tami Xiang was invited to ACIAC to do a sharing on her recent photography series titled “Peasantography.”
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To mark the 100th anniversary of the Chinese New Culture Movement (also known as the May Fourth Movement), on 1 May 2019, ACIAC invited one of Australia’s best renowned Chinese literature experts, Professor Jon Eugene von Kowallis from the University of New South Wales who delivered a public talk on “Takeuchi’s Lu Xun/China’s Takeuchi”.
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On 15 April, 2019, Gallery Manager of Vermilion Art, Ms Man Luo, was invited to ACIAC to meet its Master of Chinese Cultural Relations students for a session of experience-sharing.
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