Webnovels are born-digital, serialised user-generated-stories, mostly genre fiction, emerged as a disruptive model for literary publishing since the late 1990s. The past decades saw robust industrialisation and internationalisation of webnovels, as well as wide dissemination of translated Asian webnovels across multiple platforms. In this talk Dr Tony Ren will share his research on webnovels and explore the emergent trends of online creative writing, social reading and digital publishing.
Xiang webinar
This period was one of major interaction between the White Australia bureaucracy and a Chinese Australian community that fell in overall numbers as its proportion of Australian-born members increased. It was also in this period that the sterotype of the "Chinese as market gardeners" took hold just as other features of their activity faded in both reality and memory.
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Due to the situation of the global pandemic, we announce that 'Music and Spirituality' has been postponed to early September next year.
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ACIAC hosts a range of events throughout the year from public lectures to seminars, exhibition openings, workshops, book launches and international conferences.
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