Mr Wu Qi is the Editor-in-chief of OW Magazine (单读), a quarterly literature magazine based in Beijing, owned by OW Space, a 14-year independent bookstore. Mr Wu will share the stories behind the independent bookstore and literature magazine, and will provide a glimpse of public space and the possibilities and alternatives that an independent cultural organization has in modern China.
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Chinese have been in Australia for over 200 years but these two centuries have seen very different peoples arriving and settling under the label “Chinese”. This discussion compares Australia’s 19th and early 20th century Chinese-Australian history with its post-1949 history.
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This seminar will be opened by Professor Jocelyn Chey who will give an historical overview and her review of the first Chinese Australian novel - "The Poison of Polygamy", followed by a presentation by Ely Finch, who will discuss the work’s social, literary and linguistic dimensions and will also speak about his translation and how it came about.
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In this workshop, Professor Yan Zhang will share his stories about being a Professor of AI as well as a landscape photographer. He will also reflect on his extensive and sometimes extreme mountaineering activities.
Great Wall
In this seminar, Professor Li Yao, one of China’s best-known translators of Australian literature, will share his experiences and insights of literary translation, and discuss the evolving understandings of what good literary translation is and how to achieve it.
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Convened by ACIAC, this international forum intends to bring together emerging scholars from Australia, China and the Sinosphere, and elsewhere in the world for an exchange in Australian and Chinese studies in arts and culture.
Scholar Forum web
In this workshop, Perth based Chinese-Australian artist Tami Xiang will talk about her photography project on Chinese "Left Behind Children".
Peasontography web
In this seminar, Professor Jon Eugene von Kowallis from the University of New South Wales will talk about the founder of modern Chinese literature, Lu Xun 鲁迅and his foremost exponent in Japan, the writer and philosopher Takeuchi Yoshimi 竹内好.
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Australia and China have been major trading partners since the 1990s. Though cultural connections and collaborations have been building, misunderstandings between the two Asia-Pacific neighbours still remain. In this address, ACIAC Adjunct Professor Carrillo Gantner AC will look at some of the issues of living with pandas and koalas in the same forest.
Carrillo Talk web
Several of Linda Jaivin’s novels are set in China. In this seminar, she will talk about the inspiration, the research and the process of writing. She will also address the question: can anyone claim to ‘own’ the China story?
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