Academic Literacy Workshop Registration Form

Currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there  are no  academic literacy workshops available on campus. However, you can do the workshop online.

The online workshop allows you to cover a number of academic literacy modules at your own pace. The online workshop covers:

  1. academic style of writing
  2. paragraph and essay structure
  3. report writing
  4. note making and reading academic texts
  5. researching and referencing
  6. spelling and punctuation

Fill in your personal details and click the option of ‘register for an online workshop’

As well as registering for the online workshop, you can select to attend a number of Zoom sessions during February 2021 which will help you succeed in your assignments. These literacy Zoom sessions will be offered during the three weeks before the start of the Autumn semester 2021.

You can select a 2-day schedule of Zoom sessions which will cover many of the skills you will need, or you can select individual sessions to attend.

A 2-day schedule would look like:

Day 1: Features of academic writing 9:30-11:00am, Organising Academic Paragraphs 12:00-1:30pm, Effective note-making and critical analysis 2:30-4:10pm

Day 2: Essay writing 9:30-11:30am, Researching: Finding Suitable Sources12:00-1:30pm, Academic Referencing 2:30-4:30pm

Alternatively, you could do four different sessions across four evenings (between 6:30 and 8:30pm).

You can also select a number of sessions focused on improving your academic vocabulary and grammar.

Once you have registered for the online workshop, you will be sent more details about the selection of literacy Zoom sessions and information on using Zoom.

The online workshop is only available for enrolled Western Sydney University students. Students attending The College  will have automatic access to THE ONLINE WRITING LAB and so do not need to register for the Academic Literacy Online Workshop.

Students enrolled in an Undergraduate Certificate Course also do not  need to register, as they automatically have access to the online resource of  LITERACY SKILLS FOR UNI.

To register for the online workshop:

Step 1 – complete personal details below

Step 2 – scroll down and select the online option

Step 3 – select your preferred literacy Zoom session schedule

Step 4 – click on 'submit'

Note: Please do not submit multiple forms. Enquiries should be sent to

All information regarding the online workshop and Zoom sessions will be sent to your student email address only so please check your student email regularly.

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Online Workshop

The online workshop allows you to cover a number of academic literacy modules at your own pace. 

Register For Literacy Zoom Sessions

(Note that once you have registered you will be sent the complete timetable of Zoom sessions to select from to give you full flexibility in your choices.)

Individual sessions offered during Orientation week (Both day and evening sessions to choose from. Note some literacy Zoom sessions during orientation week may clash with your academic orientation sessions): 22-26 Feb

Register for Academic Grammar and Vocabulary online sessions.

These sessions focus on grammar and vocabulary that are typically challenging for university students