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Associate Professor Gary DennisGary Dennis

Associate Professor Gary Dennis has had lecturing positions at the University of Sydney, University of New England and Western Sydney University. He has made significant contributions to understanding the chromatography and surface chemistry of polymers and block-copolymers. His use of anionic and RAFT techniques for the controlled synthesis of polymers has allowed a) measurement of the Gibbs Free Energy of interaction in chromatographic systems, b) diffusion of polymers, c) dispersion of nano-particles and d) stability of monolayers at the air-water interface.

He has published 110 journal papers as well as 22 technical proceedings. Associate Professor Dennis has a significant track record of interaction with Industry, principally involving projects on polymer, surface and analytical chemistries and he has completed over 150 industrial projects. He has successfully completed projects for many companies including BP, Dow Corning, Cable Makers, BHP and 3M. He has supervised 28 Honours, 4 MSc and 24 PhD students.

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