Strategic Plan 2021-2026 Consultation

Town Halls

The Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategy and Planning) warmly invite you to contribute to the University's next phase of strategic planning by joining us in conversation at a Town Hall meeting on the campus most convenient for you. If you would like to attend, please do so using the appropriate button below.

Framing the Strategic Plan 2021-2026

In August 2019 the Board of Trustees endorsed the proposed consultation framework to inform the development of the Strategic Plan Sustaining Success 2021-2026, including:

  • the overarching strategic intent to strengthen our role as an anchor institution of Western Sydney together with our aim to extend our global presence;
  • to offer excellent lifelong learning opportunities and constantly improving graduate outcomes;
  • to capitalise on our growing research reputation and global ranking; and
  • to lead sustainability, innovation and social transformation in our region and globally.


The next planning phase for the University 2021-2026 is both exciting and challenging for the University, likely to be characterised by:

  • a growing need for powerful institutional advocacy for the region and our future;
  • Western Growth largely delivered by the end of the planning period with a significant corpus in place;
  • finalisation of major internationally significant transport, cultural, sporting and health focussed infrastructure projects in Greater Western Sydney;
  • strong population growth evidencing geographically concentrated patterns;
  • the potential for increasing inequality and the persistence of deep pockets of educational disadvantage in Western Sydney;
  • increasingly challenging competitive pressures in higher education regionally and internationally;
  • policy uncertainty or stagnation;
  • economic uncertainty at the national and state level compounded by labour market and digital disruption; and
  • the continuing need to manage structural adjustment: internationalisation, ‘vertical’ campuses, technology and systems, Shared Services, and academic restructure.


Board of Trustees Planning DayJune 2019
Environmental scanJuly 2019
Presentation to Committees of Board of TrusteesJuly 2019
Conversations with the Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Plan 2021-2026)July 2019
Consultation process endorsed by Board of TrusteesAugust 2019
Consultation commencesAugust 2019
Town Hall meetings with Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategy and Planning)October 2019
Initial outcomes of consultation analysed and reported to Board of TrusteesOctober 2019
Draft Plan to Board of TrusteesApril 2020
Final Draft to Board of TrusteesAugust 2020
Final published Plan and launchOctober 2020