24 February 2021

The Board of Trustees met on 24 February 2021 in Boardroom 1, Building EB, Parramatta South campus.  A summary of matters discussed in the open session is provided below.

The minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 2 December 2020 were confirmed.

Main items considered by the Board:

Chancellor’s Report

The Chancellor briefed the Board on a number of matters, including the, University Chancellor’s Council National Conference, the proposed external review of the Board of Trustees and the Walker Review of Adoption of Mode Code on Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom.

Vice-Chancellor’s Report

The Vice-Chancellor provided an update to Board members on the return to campus plan, Foreign Arrangements legislation, safe corridor proposal for international students, student load, the ‘topping out’ ceremony for the Engineering Innovation Hub, NUW Alliance, the Senior Leadership Forum, the recent all-staff webinar and changes to senior staff.

Academic Senate

The Chair of Academic Senate briefed the Board on a number of matters, including an update from the Academic Senate Executive Committee, the approval of the Curriculum Design and Approvals Policy and Policy Variation or Suspensions in response to COVID-19.

Sustaining Success 2021-2026

The final version of the Strategic Plan Sustaining Success 2021 – 2026 was noted by the Board. The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor acknowledged the Chair of Academic Senate, the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Board members, staff, students and alumni who contributed to the development of the strategic plan.

Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Presentation

The Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Institute Director, Professor Jing Han, gave a presentation on the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, highlighting the vision, mission and position, achievements of the Institute and strategic focuses in 2021.

Strategy Session on University Governance

The Board held a special strategy session focussing on university governance following the Board meeting.

Helen Fleming
University Secretary and General Counsel