23 February 2011

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday 23 February 2011, in the Boardroom, Building AD, Werrington North campus.  A summary of matters discussed is provided below.

Confirmation of Minutes
The minutes (opens in a new window) of the 24 November 2011 meeting of the Board of Trustees were confirmed and can be downloaded from this page.


New Chancellor, Professor Peter Shergold AC
The Board welcomed Professor Shergold to his first meeting as the University’s new Chancellor.  Professor Shergold expressed the honour and enthusiasm he feels at his appointment to this position and is familiarising himself with the University’s campuses and staff, having enjoyed visiting a number of the University’s campuses already.  He has met a number of staff so far and also met with a group of Aboriginal Elders as his first official meeting.

University staff are welcome to attend the formal Installation of the New Chancellor on Saturday 19 March.  If you wish to attend you will need to register on line.

UWS AUQA Cycle 2 Audit Preparation Process
The Board formally noted the comprehensive process in which it has participated since 2008 and the incorporation of members’ feedback.  It endorsed the University’s preparations for the cycle 2 audit by AUQA and commended the quality of the portfolio and supplementary material provided to the audit panel. Furthermore, the Board endorsed the University’s assessment of its compliance with the National Protocols for Higher Education Providers.

The portfolio and supplementary material are available on the web.

Donations and Fundraising Policy, Memorial Establishment Guidelines and Naming Policy
The Board noted the Donations and Fundraising Policy and the Memorial Establishment Guidelines (to be approved under the UWS Delegations by the Vice-Chancellor).  The Board approved the Naming Policy, which will be available on the Policy DDS in the near future.

Review of Student Representation and Participation at UWS
The Board discussed the report from the Review of Student Representation and Participation Sub-Committee.  The elected student members of the Board responded to the report and, following extensive discussion and noting the precarious financial position of the Hive, the Board passed the following resolutions.

It was resolved that the Board of Trustees:

  1. Recognise the importance of having an independent student advocacy organisation and looks to a University-wide SRC to perform that role.
  2. Cease the affiliation given to the Hive at its 25 February 2009 meeting.  The Board noted the view of David Lenton and David Holmes that this action should not be taken at this stage.
  3. Approve UWS student representation and participation proposed at Appendix 4 as a basis for further broad-ranging consultation with all stakeholders to finalise the detail of the proposed structure.
  4. Note that a working party will be formed by the University Executive to facilitate the establishment and implementation of the new structure.
  5. Agree that in good faith, the existing Hive executive will be paid any stipends due to them until the date of effect of this resolution and that any other relevant outstanding debts of the Hive, as agreed by the Director Finance and reported to the ARMC, will be covered by the University.
  6. Establish a representative student leadership group as soon as possible to act in an interim capacity and to contribute to the consultations and further development of the proposed structure until the SRC is in place following elections in September/October 2011.
  7. Agree to the request of David Holmes that he and David Lenton be members of the Student Leadership Group.

Establishment of the Position and Role of Pro Chancellor
The Board approved the establishment of a position of Pro Chancellor within the Board of Trustees and made the Pro Chancellor Rule, which will be available on the Policy DDS in the near future.  The appointment of a Board member to the position of Pro Chancellor will be brought to the Board for approval, via the Remuneration and Nominations Committee.

Executive Presentation - DVC Academic and Research
Professor Wayne McKenna spoke to the Board, in particular about the student load trends and ERA results.

UWS Student Load Trends as at 4 February 2011
The Board noted the current data and expectations regarding 2011 student load based on known and projected enrolments compared with the target load in the 2011 budget.

Excellence in Research for Australia 2010
The Board noted the report on the assessment by the Australian Research Council of the quality of research at UWS.

The International Student Outlook 2011
The Board noted the current trends in applications and acceptances for UWS courses from international onshore students and that it is anticipated that the activity is on track to realise the income predicted in the UWS budget.

Membership of the Appeals Committee for Student Non-Academic Misconduct
The Board appointed Dr Ken Langford as the external Board of Trustees member on the Student Non-academic Misconduct Appeals Committee; and appointed Professor Carolyn Sappideen as the chair of that Committee.

Finance and Investment Committee
The Board noted the report of the 3 February 2011 meeting of this committee and passed resolutions relating to capital investments and financial facilities for these projects.

Audit and Risk Management Committee
The Board noted the report of the 1 February 2011 meeting of this committee and approved minor changes to the Committee’s terms of reference.

Board Standing Committee and Remunerations and Nominations Committee
The Board noted and endorsed two matters dealt with via rotary resolution:

  • the BSC's decision to approve the increase in the daily parking rate at the Parramatta South site from $6 to $8 per day;
  • the RNC's appointment of Mr John Banks as a director of uwsconnect for a period of two years from 1 January 2011. 

The Board also made two resolutions relating to honorary awards.

Other Reports and Items Considered by the Board

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Report
  • Campus Development Committee
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Staffing Matters
  • 2010 Media Coverage Summary

Date of Next Meeting 
The next Board meeting will be held at 9am on 13 April 2011 at the University’s Werrington North Campus.