Services for Staff

The Contact Service Centre (CSC) was established in 1998 with the vision of assisting prospective students become current students. At the time, the CSC only had one queue - the Course Information Line. The CSC now services as range of lines, including some on the behalf of other departments. We also offer a range of services to staff such as short term (and sometimes extended term) staffing for projects.

Do you need additional temporary staffing for services like the following?

  • Event assistance
  • Outbound call or mail campaigns
  • Administrative tasks
  • Data entry

Contact us for a quote on 9852 5121.

Does your area provide information about courses and general course admissions to prospective students? The CSC can help! You are welcome to transfer calls and emails to the CSC, or contact us for advice on 1300 897 669 (extension 5588). 

Contact the CSC

For all staffing requests, course information and general admissions advice, please direct enquiries to our Contact Services Coordinator on 9852 5121.

Queues Serviced by the CSC

Course Information Line for Australian Students

Within Australia Phone: 1300 897 669 (Ext. 5588)
Outside Australia Phone: + 61 2 9852 5588
Course enquiry form: Course Enquiries
Web chat:  


Tel: + 61 9852 5222 (Ext. 5222)

Sydney Graduate School of Management (Postgraduate Business) Enquiries

Tel: 1300 366 290 (Ext. 5003)
Course enquiry form: Course Enquiries

Capital Works and Facilities

Phone: 02 9852 5800 (Ext. 5800)

Parking Enquiries

Tel: 1800 622 362 (Ext. 5285)

Tutorial Registration Line 

Phone: 02 9852 5471

Complaints Advice Line

This queue is designed to provide the complainant with advice on where and to whom to direct their complaint only. We do not record the complaints or take them any further than providing advice.

Phone: 02 9852 5470