ACIAC Director Professor Labao Wang Visits SBS

Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture has since its founding been actively reaching out to other important cultural institutions for opportunities of partnership and collaboration. On 8 December, 2017, Institute Director, Labao Wang, with Visiting Professor Wu Haiyan from Inner Mongolia Normal University of China, visited Australia’s largest multicultural radio and television service, SBS, where they met with SBS Radio’s Executive Producer Lili Zhou and Network Activations Manager (Audio & Language Content) Deborah Andersson, Audio & Language Content Network Manager Pip Spilsbury, External Affairs Manager Natasha Eves and Chief Subtitler Dr Jing Han, who is also a Key Researcher in ACIAC. Professor Wu introduced her university and welcomed members of SBS for visits to Inner Mongolia of China. Professor Wang introduced ACIAC’s newly approved Master of Chinese Cultural Relations and expressed interest in working closely with SBS through this program. The program is expected to start in mid-2018.

SBS has Chinese as its biggest ethnic language in its broadcasting service and is one of Australia’s most active contributors to arts and cultural exchange with China. ACIAC hopes to increase collaboration with SBS in the new year to come.