This fine and intensive exhibition from a group of six recognized Yunnan artists gives an opportunity to understand the development of an historic and contemporary aspect of art practice post-Cultural Revolution in the context of all contemporary art formations throughout China.
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This exhibition brings together eighteen artworks of five artists who represent almost five different generations in the Chinese Australian community, to mark the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and to celebrate the artistic achievements of the Chinese Australian community in Sydney.
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A collection of eight Archibald portrait paintings by renowned Chinese Australian painter Jiawei Shen 沈嘉蔚.
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Chinese-Indonesian Australian artisit Jayanto Damanik Tan (Tan Seng Lee) re-animated his experiences through vibrant and reflective ceramic sculptures that are reminiscent of offerings prepared by his mother to the universe during his childhood.
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A collection of photographs by David Lai, Peter Steele and Dave Cubby whose experience of touring China over thirteen years helps deliver a unique photographic experience of China.
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This exhibition compares and identifies traces of traditional Chinese aesthetic within photographic imagery regarding adoption and/or sharing of eastern and western sensibilities.
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The National Museum of Australia's travelling exhibition of contemporary paintings from the Western Desert community of Warakurna.
Aboriginal art 1
Artist Shen Wednesday takes Lao Tzu's Dao De Jing's philosophy to think about the invisible but visible and to show it in the realm of art.
Invisible but Visible - 1
Images selected for this exhibition include everyday people in China, those left in villages and those working feverishly around the edge and within the metropolis.
Getting By in Modernised China - 2

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