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This conversation will explore possible scenarios for bilateral relations with China over the next couple of years with and without engagement. While the decline of the relationship over the past three years has been well documented, many options for the future remain to be considered. Speakers include Michael Smith, China correspondent for the Australian Financial Review, and Dr Geoff Raby, Director of Geoff Raby Associates and former ambassador to China (2007-2011).
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This period was one of major interaction between the White Australia bureaucracy and a Chinese Australian community that fell in overall numbers as its proportion of Australian-born members increased. It was also in this period that the sterotype of the "Chinese as market gardeners" took hold just as other features of their activity faded in both reality and memory.
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Webnovels are born-digital, serialised user-generated-stories, mostly genre fiction, emerged as a disruptive model for literary publishing since the late 1990s. The past decades saw robust industrialisation and internationalisation of webnovels, as well as wide dissemination of translated Asian webnovels across multiple platforms. In this talk Dr Tony Ren will share his research on webnovels and explore the emergent trends of online creative writing, social reading and digital publishing.
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Due to the situation of the global pandemic, we announce that 'Music and Spirituality' has been postponed to early September next year.
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Addressing the central theme of ‘sacred creativity in the postdigital age’, this forum brings together some of the world's leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of spiritually-inspired music and related art forms.
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Dr Geoff Raby AO, Chair of ACIAC Advisory Board, who initiated the Australian Writers Week in China 《澳大利亚文学周》, will be in conversation with Professor Jocelyn Chey, the first Australian Cultural Counsellor in China, to discuss how to run a writers week in Beijing.
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In this period white Australians steadily define Australia in ways that limit the presence and participation of people from China. Nevertheless this is also the period when Chinese Australian merchants build domestic and international trading networks that will make some of them extremely wealthy.
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Professor Walker’s two books argue that the response to Asia has played a central role in the formation of the Australian nation. Together with Professor FitzGerald, Professor Walker will unwrap some of the questions around these arguments.
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This webinar will discuss the “anything else” – which ranges from home villages to opera and from bank notes to tin mining and much in between – in order to add much needed context to the gold rush period of Australian history.
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Following up on his overview of Chinese Australian history – Mirroring the Past – Dr Michael Williams will continue with a series of lectures taking us through the history of Chinese Australia in greater detail.
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