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Tim Watts will be in conversation with Stephen FitzGerald to discuss issues of discrimination, inequality, bamboo ceiling and skewed egalitarianism towards Asian-Australians in the context of “investing in a new Australian identity that brings people together in the Golden Country”.
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Lord Buddha’s birth is a time of great happiness for many around the world. With the easing of restrictions, we wish to magnify this joyous occasion through the celebration of song, music and movement from diverse cultures.
There is no better way of celebrating the Lunar New Year than by embracing the joy and inspiration of opera, art and music at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture at Western Sydney University!
To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Ox, Willoughby City Council in co-production with the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture at Western Sydney University proudly presents the 2021 Lunar New Year Concert at the Concourse Theatre.
This is a period of great change as Australia transforms itself into a multicultural nation and then begins to wonder what that means. The final lecture in this reflective history asks what does Chinese Australian history tell us and what is the present trying to tell history?
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Please join us for this rare opportunity to hear a conversation between two former Australian Ambassadors to China who can offer insightful views on Australia’s relationship with China, past, present and future.
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In this conversation, the Melbourne-based artist Zhou Xiaoping will share his extraordinary experiences in his artistic journey from China to Arnhem Land - a journey of sheer courage, resilience and determination.
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This is a period of great transition, some rapid, as the Japanese Empire is destroyed and China establishes a new government, and some slow, as Australia gradually, almost agonizingly, sheds its White Australia policy. Changes in class, gender, language, and identity take place as the White Australia policy survivors are joined by a new generation of Australian born Chinese and of Chinese people from outside China.
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