Australian Cultural Fields:

National and Transnational Dynamics

Visual Art
Burra in Victoria

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Australian Cultural Fields examines the forces changing contemporary Australian culture. Focusing on art, literature, media, sport, music and heritage, it assesses the influence of transnationalism, digitalisation, migration and multiculturalism, and the distinctive presence of Indigenous culture, on the relations between culture, class, gender, ethnicity and nation.

The concept of 'cultural field' is taken from the work of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, who applied it to investigate how the production and consumption of culture are affected by the relations between cultural institutions, policy agencies and cultural markets. Australian Cultural Fields develops this perspective in a number of ways. It is the first study to examine the relations between transnational forces, new information technologies, and migrant and Indigenous cultures in the contemporary Australian context. Internationally, it is the first large scale study to interrogate the relations between the fields of cultural production and consumption.