Research Strengths

Over the last 30 years, the University’s research performance has significantly grown in breadth, depth and profile and is now one of Australia’s, and one of the world’s, leading research institutions.

85 per cent of Western Sydney University’s research is ‘world standard or above’ according to the latest Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation – a nationwide assessment of Australia's research performance, which highlights national research strengths in disciplines of critical economic and social importance.

Results of the inaugural national Engagement and Impact (EI) assessment have also highlighted the University’s strengths in translating research into economic, environmental, social and other benefits.

With results that outperformed the sector in both impact and approaches to impact, the University scored the highest possible rating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research and 11 case studies across a broad range of disciplines from the humanities, sciences, design and engineering.

As a young university, the University’s strength lies not only in its innovative approach to addressing society’s most pressing issues, but in its ability to connect high-quality research with the communities that need it most and in unlocking the potential of the next generation of researchers, leaders and change-makers.

These results, and others, cement Western Sydney University’s standing as a world-class university – focused on research excellence that has real impact on communities locally, nationally and globally and contributes to their economic, social and environmental wellbeing.