Professor Donna Craig

Professor Donna Craig

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Donna Craig is a specialist in international, comparative and national environmental law and policy (LLM, York University,1983). She was one of the founders of Macquarie University Centre for Environmental Law (1983) and a key member of the Centre until her current appointment as a Professor of Environmental Law, School of Law, at the University of Western Sydney. Donna also held a Research Chair as Professor of Desert Knowledge, Charles Darwin University. She has 40 years experience in research, legal practice, teaching and working with communities, NGOs,indigenous peoples? organisations, governments and corporations. Her research and publications emphasize the social, cultural and human rights dimensions of legislation, programs, impact assessment and sustainable development. Her climate change and water law research includes resource management, capacity building and Indigenous cultural value issues. She also works with Aboriginal organisations developing natural resource based livelihoods and advising on national and international legal regimes. Donna served as Regional Vice-Chair for Oceania of the World Conservation Union, Commission of Environmental Law, for eight years, was a member of the Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority (2007-2010), a member of Advisory Board of Greenland-based International Training Centre of Indigenous Peoples, and Regional Governor of the International Council on Environmental Law.

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  • Master of Laws York University (Canada)
  • Bachelor of Arts University of New South Wales
  • Bachelor of Laws University of New South Wales

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Law


Phone: (02) 9685 9143
Location: EK.G.02

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Chapters in Books

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

  • Rashid, M., Craig, D., Jeffery, M. and Mukul, S. (2011), 'Shifting paradigm of governance in the natural resource management sector of Bangladesh : centralist to pluralistic approach in forest protected areas management', Conference on 40 years of Bangladesh : Retrospect and Future Prospects, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Huda, S., Allen, J., Sinclair, C., Andrews, T., Lopes, A., Duarte, F., Bambrick, H., Craig, D., Jeffery, M. and Campbell, S. (2010), 'Climate Change: Building Leadership Capacity within a Higher Education Institution', International Farming Systems Association Europe Group Conference, Vienna.

Other Publications

  • 2009, 'An Agreement Approach that Recognises Customary Law in Water Management: Final Report', Research Report


Previous Supervision

Title: Climate Change and Variability in the Ganga Basin in India: The Role of the Supreme Court in Legal and Institutional Change
Field of Research: LAW
Thesis: Climate Change and Variability in the Ganga Basin in India: The Role of the Supreme Court in Legal and Institutional Change

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