The Challenging Racism Project

researchers looking at a laptop screen

The Challenging Racism Project  is a highly successful research collective from Western Sydney University which collaborates with academics from various universities including Deakin University, Curtin University and the University of Technology Sydney. It has been principally funded by grants from the Australian Research Council and by other government agencies.

Core interests of researchers involved in the project include bystander anti-racism (what ordinary people who encounter racism can do to respond); the effectiveness of different types of anti-racism in varied contexts; Islamaphobia; experiences of racism and attitudes to cultural diversity. The emphasis of this project has been to generate comprehensive and defensible data on the extent and variation of racist attitudes and experiences in Australia.

This website includes various data sets and information on racist attitudes, incidents and experiences within Australia. The findings of our research appear in numerous formats, including an interactive map of survey findings by region; fact sheets; numerous articles, conference papers and reports. Our research is of particular interest to policymakers, non-government organisations and individual researchers as it provides a large evidence base on social issues that remain under-researched in the Australian context.