Western Sydney University's sponsored player, Shannon Cole, geared up in his Western Wanderers kit to demonstrate the 3D analysis of movement while kicking a ball, using The MARCS Institute's Motion Capture (MoCap) system.
The MARCS Institute's Director, Professor Jonathan Tapson says that we should be concerned, that AI can out smart humans at our own game
Jonathan Tapson
The Research Forum on Ageing aims to bring researchers together in an accessible forum to learn about research in ageing. Register to present or participate by March 31.
Brain, psychology, neurology, health
CoEDL Fest has wrapped up for another year! See our gallery showcasing events from across all four days.
Human-Machine Interaction Researcher, Dr Omar Mubin argues that we would be put off by the anthropomorphised technology depicted in contemporary sci-fi films.
Omar Mubin
Taking on three fallacies; delayed development, falling behind peers and language confusion, Dr Antoniou explains why parents shouldn't be so concerned about their child learning two languages.
Mark Antoniou
Music Cognition and Action Researcher, Dr Giacomo Novembre, has invented a digital music box, which he is using to increase our understanding of music and cognition or mental processes.
Giacomo Novembre

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