Health and Sport Sciences Courses

If you are serious about a career in health, Western Sydney University is the place to study. We are internationally renowned for producing high-calibre health and sport science graduates, who enjoy very high employment rates. The University provides high quality, evidence-based health courses, with an emphasis on a balance of theory and clinical practice, and interdisciplinary learning, to prepare you for work in the healthcare sector.

A Western Sydney University Health or Sport Science degree will provide a range of exciting career options, including physiotherapy, podiatric medicine (podiatry), occupational therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, public and social health, health research, environmental management, education, health promotion and management, sport and exercise science, diversional therapy, and personal development, health and physical education.

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Bachelor of Health Science Campbelltown 3F / 6P 65.25
Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education) Penrith 3F 65
Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine) Campbelltown 3F 93.80
Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science) Campbelltown 3F 82.80
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Campbelltown 4F 80.00
Bachelor of Physiotherapy Campbelltown 4F 99.95
Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine Campbelltown 4F 80
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Campbelltown 4F 75

Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.