Course Decision Day


Do you hear tomorrow calling you? Yes, you. You are a success story in the making. And we believe that your future success starts at Western Sydney U.

If you believe your future success is fuelled by knowledge, a strong will and ambition - if you have the drive and determination to succeed, join us at Western Sydney U. What we offer is something unique - a world of unlimited potential - no matter who you are or where you are from.

We’ve even got the numbers to back it up. How about this nugget? Western Sydney U is currently ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide. We bet you didn’t know the centre of the world was in the heart of the West.

For those who are still undecided about their choices for future study, this is your final chance to gain clarity so you can make the decisions that work best for you.

It’s time to take the next step. You can register to attend Course Decision Day online right now. Check out the many Q and A sessions available to you. Book in a one-on-one with an advisor today, to make sure you have the info you need.

It’s time to commit. Join us on Course Decision Day. Wednesday, January 6, 2016. Own it.

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Commitment unlimited.

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