Pathways to UWS


At UWS we recognise that you need flexible choices to make real headway towards clear career goals. We're proactive and in touch with current trends, constantly innovating in both research and teaching. We're right at the forefront in anticipating new fields and leading the way in education for emerging careers.

There are a number of Pathways to the University of Western Sydney and they are listed below.

Enrolment in Individual Subjects

UniTrack is an option for applicants who have previously missed out on a place at university and want to become more competitive for university entry.

UniTrack gives you the opportunity to enrol in individual subjects from a wide range of degrees at UWS.

It is important to note that UniTrack does not guarantee a place at university but after successful completion of two or more subjects students may become more competitive for entry into a course.

For more information, call the UWS Course Information Centre on 1300 897 669.

UWS College

The University of Western Sydney is offering a range of Foundation and Diploma programs through its 'pathways' college, for Australian and international students wishing to continue on to degree studies at UWS and other educational institutions.

Students can undertake a Foundation Studies program and, on completion, enter the first year of university. Students can also undertake a Diploma program and enter the second year at UWS.

For more information, please contact UWSCollege (opens in a new window).

Tertiary Study at Other Institutions

There are a number of options available to students after completing their secondary schooling.

For those who have chosen different paths, which includes any study undertaken at another institution (TAFE, private colleges, or other universities) may use this study both to improve their competitiveness for entry to UWS and to achieve academic credit/advanced standing in recognition of prior learning. For more information please refer to the Tertiary Education Pathways and Partnerships website.

For more information, call the UWS Course Information Centre on 1300 897 669.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pathways

The Badanami Alternative Entry Program is a Direct Admissions program that facilitates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander access and participation into courses offered at UWS.

All enquiries and applications for admission are direct to the UWS Course Information Centre on 1300 897 669.